Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spirals for Inspiration

I was watching Oprah Winfrey's Supersoul Sunday this morning on facebook.  Thank goodness Oprah can air that on facebook, because the OWN programming we get in Canada really isn't what it should be.

Oprah had scholar Karen Armstrong speaking about her spiritual book, The Spiral Staircase.  She uses a description of a spiral staircase as a metaphor to her life journey.  The facebook page asks, what would you use as a metaphor for your own life journey?  I haven't come to a confidant answer on that for myself yet, but have considered a boat in an ocean full of big waves.  It's easiest to go with the current, rather than against it.

"I toiled round and round in pointless circles, covering the same ground, repeating the same mistakes, quite unable to see where I was going. Yet all the time, without realizing it, I was slowly climbing out of the darkness. In mythology, stairs frequently symbolize a breakthrough to a new level of consciousness." - Karen Armstrong

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Being one who has worked with stairs often, and whom has been attracted to fun looking spiral staircases since I can remember, I was greatly inspired by the Breathing Space exerpt at the end of the show.  And would like to bring some of those photos here, to you, except it is on a video, so hopefully the link works.

I'll do a quick search on pinterest and see what I can find.

I especially like the plants that show spirals.  Remember, these photo's are not mine, they are shared on pinterest.  You can find them on my boards, but I pinned them there from other people's boards.

 Iden Convey and Gabrielle Hunter

Nature can bring us so many colours, shapes and patterns.  I love all the shadows in the rose photo, with the contrasting colours.  I've not seen such a long spiral of the climber above, but hopefully one day I will.  Notice the light reflecting off one side and the trail leading directly into the water.