Sunday, June 6, 2010


Typically my work days are filled with architectural drafting and design. But I've had the privilege of taking up the interior design responsibilities as well. I've worked on residential and institutional projects, and would like to experience some commercial work soon. I would expect restaurants and retail projects to have more room for daring hits of colour and texture, and have more possibilities for creative expression centered on lighting and spatial arrangements.

When helping a client or a friend with interior design, its important to first learn about the person's preferences and to learn about their goals for the space. This way you can get a good clear start on the correct path. There's few things worse than a designer taking over a project and trying to create a space thats suitable for the designer, but is not inline with the client's expectations. It is easy to get lost and lose precious time going down the wrong path. It is beneficial when the client can fully trust the designer or decorator and allow new ideas to be created and completed. This is when the big 'wow' and the big pay-offs are created.

I am a Registered Interior Designer with the IDIBC, an Applied Science Technologist with the ASTTBC, am a LEED AP, and have a diploma in Engineering Design and Drafting.