Sunday, October 31, 2010


I luv luv luv Halloween. Although I did not get time to decorate this year, I will be dressing up today. I have an old hand-me-down red velvet bridesmaids dress, a red wig, a crown, a gold patterned silk housecoat, and a strip of black fabric with painted on gold hearts. Can you guess my costume? I am The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland! I'm so excited, I get to yell "off with their heads" all night!

Unfortunately my husband doesn't enjoy dressing up and my friends turned down the invitation to be The White Queen. My kids don't understand how cool it is to dress up with their mother. But my neighbors are very into halloween. They did have time to decorate. (photo from

If I had made time to decorate, and if I had some extra cash, I would've picked up a few things from Pier One and HomeSense. I like crystal balls, candles, ghosts hanging from the ceiling, big black spiders, black cats, skulls, witches and orange lights. If I have some time this week, maybe I can get some after-holiday deals, and prepare for next year. (two photo's from, courtesy of styleathome)

Here are some photo's of my neighbor's halloween creation: